What's Next?

1. Contact Us

Let's talk about what your needs are and see if we are a good fit for each other! If we are, we'll go on to step 2.


Email info@solidoakapps.com

2. We start building

After you've communicated your needs, we start building! The more information you can provide - your pictures, your logos, your paragraphs, etc. - the easier this step will be.

3. We continue building

You can be as involved as you want to be during this process.  We actually provide a demo app where you can log in to watch the progress.  If there's ever something you need changed or edited you'll be able to see in real time. 

4. We finish and publish

After you're satisfied with the app we've built, we will publish to the Apple and Android stores.  This will take another 4-6 days for approval.

5.  The App is Live!

Ahhh!  This is always fun!  Customers will be able to download the app, learn more about you, and decide to become your next customer!

6. Making changes to the app

With our system, you'll easily be able to make changes to your app.  For example, from the Solid Oak Apps dashboard, you can easily add events to your calendar, hit publish, and the changes will automatically sync down to everyone's app.

You'll also be able to send push notifications right to everyone's phone.  If you have a sale coming up, let the people know!

7. Analyze the data

If you're like us, you'll want to know how much people are using the app.  On the Solid Oak Apps dashboard, you'll be able see to the number of downloads in a given period, # of visits, length of stay, what they are clicking on, etc. 

Your App Dashboard

Once we have designed and built your app, you will have access to your dashboard. On this dashboard you'll be able to make small changes, analyze data, send push notifications, and manage the users.  If you make a change, just hit update, and it will sync to all of the apps.

We've noticed that some of our clients want the ability to have more control over their app.  That's why we have this simple dashboard.  If you would rather us make the simple changes or send push notifications then we'll be happy to!




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