Our Story

Several years ago while working for a non profit campus ministry our founder Blake Brewer realized that their winter conference needed a mobile app. His thought was that a mobile app would allow potential attendees to check out the conference and increase their chances of going, also allow attendees to have a better experience at the conference with needed information at their fingertips, and also allow the conference to continue to influence the attendees after the conference. 


So he built an app to test his theory...and it worked!  


Since then, the winter conference has increased from hundreds to thousands of students (lots of other factors are involved of course!)


From there, Blake realized the potential that a mobile app could have and began to wonder why more small businesses didn’t have one.  His conclusion was that most small businesses didn’t know the power of an app nor did they think they could afford one!

So Blake decided to combine his skill of making mobile apps and his love for seeing businesses succeed and develop his own app making company...Solid Oak Apps.  


The name Solid Oak was chosen for several reasons.  Blake wanted a name that showed quality and dependability.

When buying furniture, if something is solid oak, you know its quality.   One of Blake’s favorite passages of scripture is Psalm 1, which describes a person that is like a strong and healthy tree planted by streams of water.   With these two thoughts together, the name Solid Oak Apps was born.


We have made apps for the largest pest control company in the midwest, a 
primary care doctor, a tailgating company, a barbecue restaurant, a horse training facility, non-profits, etc.


Our mission is to create mobile apps for businesses.

Our vision is for every business in the mid-west that would benefit from having an app would have an app built with Solid Oak Apps.




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